Pivot Origami by Munzert

The Origami fabric collection of Pivot is a unique fabrics that make an impression because of the unusual 3D appearance.


This soft furnishing fabric is an innovative , three-dimensional material design was inspired by Japanese art of origami. It was constructed by combining solid individual fabric segments, that creates a fascinating play of light and shade.


An innovative manufacturing process that generates special folding patterns which have been predefined in the grey cloth using the Jacquard technique. The 3D appearance, superb seating comfort and breathability are forming a harmonic ensemble.


This fabric is very versatile in architectural use and offers good sound-proofing because the regular folds reflect sound into a different directions, which make it extremely apt for offices and public buildings.

For just such application it is also available in flame retardant “Trevira CS”.

Source :www.munzert.de

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